Annie’s Baking Club merges our two Greatest Loves: Family and Baking

Annie’s Baking Club was created for our daughter Anastasia, a little girl who brought and continues to bring a tremendous amount of love and happiness into our lives. She was named after her yiayia Tessa whom she loves and adores. Nothing matters more to us than our family, and as a close knit Greek family one of our biggest loves after our family is of course food! Annie’s Baking Club was born out of our love for baking, sharing and bonding with our family.

I wanted Annie to develop a natural love for baking and cooking, as many of my happiest memories involved hours spent in the kitchen with my mom or gran, but after working tirelessly in the bakery all week, it’s often the last thing we think of doing at home. My dream was to create baking kits and a subscription club that will make it easier for moms and little ones to bake sweet memories and delicious bakes in the kitchen. Of course, it also gives me the opportunity to create these special memories with Annie.

I hope one day she will remember these special moments and that the smell of cookies baking in the oven will fill her heart with loving memories.


Baking with kids is a fantastic shared experience. While including your kids in the kitchen doesn’t always turn out to be what commercials make it – a joyful, carefree experience filled with fun flour fights and perfect results, you are giving them a skill for life and providing masses of happy memories.

Even when the salt is mistaken for sugar, the cookies burn, and the cupcakes are pure batter on the inside, fun was had and you and your kids made something together


We want to challenge all parents to get involved with their kids in the kitchen. There are so many benefits to baking and cooking with our little ones, including developing science, math and reading comprehension, as well as expressing themselves creatively, but above all it allows us to bond as a family away from modern digital distractions and connect with these precious little people.

Our goal is to open their eyes to the wonderful world of cooking and baking, so that they too can bake the world a better place.

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Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes and cooking. Cooking with kids is about harnessing imagination, empowerment and creativity.

Guy Fieri

Your kids won’t remember the long hours you spent putting bread on the table, but they will remember that one awesome afternoon you spent baking with them.

EP David


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